Since 2018, with Klaus Platzugmmer, Lennart Wolff has headed the Architectural Association Visiting School Zurich that invites students and practitioners from the fields of architecture, design, art, curating, and theory to re-imagine architecture exhibitions, their media, methods, and agents.




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AA Visiting School Zurich

August 9 - 20, 2021

The 2021 edition of the workshop “Exhibiting Architecture” thematizes notions of labour in the construction of buildings as well as architectural exhibitions and the multitude of agents involved: from designers, curators, assistants, installers, builders to maintenance staff. Bearing the traces of their work, media such as drawings, contracts and photos not only facilitate the design and building processes but also constitute the substrate of architectural exhibitions. Consequently, exhibitions are sites where labour is both represented, for instance through narratives of authorship, and also performed, among others by the gallery staff. Hence within this ‘exhibitionary complex’ (Tony Bennett) structural inequalities surrounding different forms and methods of work, can both be reproduced and exacerbated but also made visible and problematized, untimely fostering a space for renegotiation.

Guest Speakers:

Daniel Baumann, Kadambari Baxi, c/o now, Elisa R. Linn, Lorenza Longhi, Kabelo Malatsie, Charlotte Malterre-Barthes, Ushma Thakrar, Albena Yaneva, Fredi Fischli/Niels Olsen & Milena Buchwalder, Sonja Flury, Dorothee Hahn, Larissa Müllner (curatorial team/ProSaffa1958-Pavillon Association)


Tommaso Borghesi, Melina Lopez Dueñas, Yidan Huang, Sarah Kimmich, Henry Morgan, Arianna Patton, Marina Bernardi Peschard, Karen Wong


Telmo Escapil-Inchauspé

Hosted by Kunsthalle Zurich

AA Visiting School Zurich

August 17 - 28, 2020

Guest Speakers:

Daniel Baumann, Dora Budor, Fredi Fischli & Niels Olsen, Ola Hassanain, Stefan Kalmár, Eliyahu Keller, Elisa R. Linn, Lesley Lokko, Alan Ruiz, Charlotte Malterre-Barthes

AA Visiting School Zurich

August 18 - 25, 2019

Guest Speakers:

Daniel Baumann, Fredi Fischli & Niels Olsen, Elisa R. Linn, Ludovica Parenti, Li Tavor, Nina Zschocke, Peter Fischli, Charlotte Malterre-Barthes

Hosted by longtang, Zurich

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