Since 2018, with Klaus Platzugmmer, Lennart Wolff has headed the Architectural Association Visiting School Zurich that invites students and practitioners from the fields of architecture, design, art, curating, and theory to re-imagine architecture exhibitions, their media, methods, and agents.

AA Visiting School Zurich 

August 13 - 21, 2022

Guest Speakers: 

Daniel Baumann (Kunsthalle Zurich), Michael Birchall (Migros Museum), Peggy Deamer (The Architecture Lobby, Yale School of Architecture), Joana de la Fontaine (architect/curator at BosqueRreal), Elisa R. Linn (Halle für Kunst Lüneburg e.V.), Shannon Mattern (University of Pennsylvania), Fredi Fischli / Niels Olsen (gta Exhibitions/ETH Zurich), Jan Vorisek (artist)


Exhibition Project at 

BosquerReal, Zurich

Seebahnstr. 109, 8004, Zurich

SCREENINGS temporarily keys out BosqueReal’s central spatial feature — the transparent vitrine window — through a thin layer of green color applied to the glass. This ‘green screen’ serves for projections and creates an interface where reflections of the surroundings and electronic images collapse into each other. As anthropologist Shannon Mattern argues, chroma key — colored screens — can construct immersive, fantasy worlds, but these are then often “not of liberation, but of colonization, exoticization, and oppression.” (1) Screenings screens often intentionally unpictured productive forces bound up with the built environment: extractions of natural resources, employments of invisible labor, and uses of digital techniques.

(1) Shannon Mattern, “Green Screen in Eight Channels,” , LA+ (University of Pennsylvania, Spring 2022): 10-19.

With works by Prisca Arosio, Yifan Chen, Raquel González de la Arada, Hyunggyu Kim, Zelin Liang, Klaus Platzgummer, Irene Nguyen, Beatrice Ricci, Lennart Wolff, Elaine Zhu


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